• In-House Training
    JCG TRAINING SESSIONS are tailored to participants’ needs.  Topics range from organizational development to motivation.  We focus in increasing performance by engaging the participant in active discussions.  Our training provides an avenue for in-depth analysis and problem solving of various management issues.
  • Executive Assessment
    JCG ASSESSMENT CENTER helps your organization assess the right talent and potential people based on what is the most critical to your organization. More than a psychological test, assessment will unearth individual strengths and fitness for a position.
  • Executive Search
    JCG EXECUTIVE SEARCH aims to provide the highest standard in recruitment services. In matching our candidates and clients, we opt for competency and culture fitness. Part of IRC Global Executive Search Partners, we are connected in 6 continents and 70 cities worldwide.
  • Consultation
    THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP aims to be the partner for Indonesian Corporation in undertaking their corporate issues. In the past 30 years, we have been trusted in supporting our clients in dealing with strategic issues, corporate culture, human resources, and as part of their Corporate turnaround partner.


Performance Management: Instant Recognition as Key Motivation

Patricia Susanto Bsc, M.Psi, MHRM*

Abstract :
Addressing the issues that most sales persons are skeptic on the company review, and that managers spend too much time compiling and checking data accuracy as well as the company deviation from reward budget, an initiative was launched to create an instant reward for employees, especially sales teams working with a target.

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Kepercayaan dari anak buah tidak didapat secara instan, melainkan dibangun melalui sebuah proses. Kepercayaan tidak bisa dituntut datang secara otomatis, tanpa adanya usaha seorang pemimpin.

Kepercayaan akan mendatangkan kepercayaan. Bagaimana mungkin seorang pemimpin dipercaya oleh anak buah, jika ia sendiri tidak percaya pada anak buah? Pengalaman menunjukkan bahwa kepercayaan dibangun dari hal-hal kecil, bukan dari sesuatu yang mendadak besar. Read More ...

Melecut Kompetensi ASN

Himawan Wijanarko*

Saat ekonomi negara-negara lain sedang mengalami penurunan, pertumbuhan ekonomi India tetap menjulang tinggi. Menurut Shaktikanta Das, menteri perekonomian negara itu, pertumbuhan ekonomi India akan berkisar sebesar 7 persen untuk tahun fiskal 2017-2018. Angka ini termasuk yang tertinggi di dunia saat ini. Read More ...

Our Client is a petrochemical company (raw materials: alcohol, ethanol, etc). Due to their business expansion currently they looking high qualified Candidate as:

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Our Client is a Group of Sole Agent Distributor Beverage product in Coffee and Sparkling Water from Italy. They major market in Horeca. Due to their business expansion currently they looking high qualified Candidate as:

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