The keys to be successful are getting hold of the right people and making the most of their talent and potentials. To do these we need an efficient process that will assess their right qualities, and allow us to put the right people on the right track.

JCG Assessment Center helps your organization to assess the right qualities based on what is most critical to your organization.

JCG Octagon Management Competency Assessment

We have developed JCG Octagon Management Competency Assessment as a robust assessment instrument to measure managerial competency, inclination and personality dynamics designed for managers, directors and senior executives.

JCG Octagon Management Competency Assessment is based on modern management concepts and long practical experiences as well as cultivation of Indonesian culture which eliminates cultural bias.

A well designed and validated instrument that effectively provide solution on:

  1. Identifying high potential talent within Competency-Based Selection
  2. Specifying key areas for Training and Development
  3. Improving Performance Management
  4. Competency based Rewards
  5. Measuring effectiveness prior to Promotion or Placement into a new position
  6. Identifying high fliers and / or potential successors to leaders in your organizations


JCG Octagon

JCG Octagon Management Competency Profile will be most applicable for different environments:

  1. JCG Octagon for Family Business
    It can help the management in preparing successor(s) for the company (succession plan), including the crown prince/princess and professionals to hold the key position(s), which suitable with their abilities and experiences.
  2. JCG Octagon for Government Institutions
    It can also function as ”fit & proper test” and to help the management in implementing Selection and Promotion Program. Moreover JCG Octagon can be used for identifying Training and Development needs for manager as well as non manager level employees.
  3. JCG Octagon for Holding Companies
    It can help management in the holding /group of companies to generate the competency standardization that can be implemented in the whole subsidiary environment/companies. This can also be beneficial in implementing Promotion and Employee Placement Programs among subsidiary companies, which result in fair Reward System Implementation within the whole group.

We apply full battery of assessment methods, which consist of :

  • In Basket Exercise
  • Case Study
  • Presentation
  • Group Discussions
  • Role Play
  • Testing / Inventory
  • Competency Based Interview



Fit and Proper Test for committee member of Upstream and Gas Regulator

Fit and Proper Test for committee member of Upstream and Gas Regulator

Ministry of Minerals and Energy

Selection of committee member for new tenure.

Ensuring confidentiality of the fit and proper test participants. Providing assessor with the technical know-how in oil and gas.

Combining expert in oil and gas with seasoned assessors to ensure credibility and confidentiality of the participants