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    Managing Planned Change

    [post_thumbnail size="post-1"]An organization must adapt towards environmental demands through modification and expansion this can be classified as planned change. Change must be planned and managed (managing planned change) if change is intended as tool to improve the company and as the medium for adaption.   WHY MANAGING PLANNED CHANGE? Change may be caused by external [...]

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    Managing Business Transformation

    BUSINESS CHALLENGE AND TRANSFORMATION has developed a detailed, comprehensive and integrated model of business transformation to assist the company to face business challenges. Business transformation is a process of change that requires cooperation in order to gain a better position to answer and face business challenges and changing business environment accurately, as well as fulfilling [...]

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    Managing Human Resources

    HOLISTIC APPROACH AND START-TO-FINISH PROCESS People Management that places the HR not as an object but as a subject have become the new paradigm in managing HR. Basically, this new paradigm introduces a people-based management. Managing people is not only as a human resource, but as a whole human being who holds its importance, uniqueness, expectation [...]

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    Developing Q-Leader

    STRATEGIC LEADERS: FUTURE DEMANDS The progressive and continual changes in business climate require corporate leaders to return to the drawing board to determine the criteria of a leader who is able to facebusiness challenges in the future. The current and future challenges are different from 10 years ago. Therefore, company must develop leaders that have [...]

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    Toward Business Operation Excellence

    VEHICLE TO WORLD CLASS COMPANY Business competition onward will become progressively strict and harsh. Customers are more critical and demanding product and service with precise quality, timing and price. With the era of transparency and liberalization, a company can remain existent if it has the ability to answer business challenges and customers demands. suggests that a [...]

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    Managing Corporate Cultures

    NOT MERELY A SLOGAN ANYMORE The company must manage the corporate culture well in order to have the ability to face challenges during change. In the past, a corporate culture was an instrument, a slogan, a past romanticm and a self actualization. Nowadays, a corporate culture is one of the promoting factors in establishing a qualified [...]

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    Managing Ethic In Business

    The concepts of business ethic contain the implication of a corporate ethic, a working ethic and a personal etiquette. They relate in a social network between the corporate, the employees and the business or the natural working environment. The corporate ethic is interconnected with the relationship between the corporate and the employee with the environment, with [...]

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    Managing Good Corporate Governance

    GOOD CORPORATE GOVERNANCE (GCG) AND WORLD CLASS MANAGEMENT The question that frequently arises is how to guarantee the executive management can be directed to the achieving goal as well as to ensure the satisfaction of stakesholders interests. The national reformation has opened our eyes that many aspects of governing corporate were non-transparent, which created many serious [...]

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    Power Marketing

    BUSINESS, MARKETING AND COMPETITION In the era where working environment is progressively changing, consequently marketing tricks based on portrays of a momentary working environment are no longer relevant. Marketing concepts offered by the is conceptual and holistic, but the framework is practical and easy to use. This conceptual and holistic framework can be used directly by [...]

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    Power Branding Shifting Brand Paradigm

    Establishing a relationship with customers through branding, in brand-customer, is the key promoter for the company to be able to compete in tougher competition. Consumers perception on the brand much influences the quality of the relationship with the customer. Therefore, brand management is a crucial step to subjugate a turbulent business environment. Brand is defined as [...]

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    Customer Care

    CUSTOMERS ARE NO MORE OBJECTS BUT SUBJECTS Tough competition has made the customers as subjects. As the subject, they emphasize companys products and services on values, interests and necessities that are based on the available data, opinions, and references from other people and from their own experience. They will compare the products and services with the [...]