We offer consultations to help our Clients in problem-solving, planning, and progress review. Our reputable concepts and methodologies, combined with the right implementation techniques, deliver superior results, add value and facilitate development for our Clients. and maximum growth.



We highly value and prioritize our Clients trust, paying careful attention to the confidentiality agreement and filtering it in each and every task within our team members. Our strength in building trust is the foundation of our ability to readily work together with our counterparts as a solid team, and to sustain a valuable relationship.


Our diverse and experienced experts, ranging from academicians, professionals, to practitioners, offer genuine insight and value-added analysis to help our Clients in making important business decisions.


Our reputable in-depth knowledge of assorted industries in Indonesia provides our Clients with better understanding and management of many business intricacies. Our advice to help achieve our Client’s goals ventures beyond business solutions, incorporating all aspects of the social and business cultures.


We apply an innovative, systematic and holistic Process Consultation method to ensure Client’s success. We assist our Clients from strategic planning to implementation. Our focus is to facilitate an effective process to achieve best results and maximum growth.


We fully believe that a successful process execution delivers results, bridging needs with solutions. We are therefore committed to make sure that that our process carries each progress into winning results. Every aspect of our work aims to quality and results-based solutions.


  • Process-planning strategies
  • Organization development, restructuring and revitalization
  • Developing and internalizing organization culture
  • Formulating and implementing holding company
  • Shaping and developing Holding concept
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Retail management
  • Family business management
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Various integrated programs, inclusive of several important factors in Human
  • Resources management systems.



Developing Holding Company

Developing Holding Company

FMCG Industry

This FMCG Group of companies has multi products and distribution as well as manufacturing facilities which are designed as independent units.  With the rapid expansion of the business and industry growth, a better synergy is needed and thus a holding company is required to orchestrate and direct the growth of the business

Bringing the entire business unit together and thinking like a group rather than independent unit.

Socialization of the holding company by the top management through road show and town hall meeting.  Inviting all business units in the holding company to the first joint strategic planning sessions.  The sessions lasted for a week and were a great success in developing buy-in and group thinking.

Restructuring the State Owned Enterprise

Restructuring the State Owned Enterprise

Indonesia Port Corporation

Rapid growth of the business and projects requires realignment between the companies.  The holding company needs to be able to create value within the companies and enhance their synergy.

Ensuring all recommendation is in compliance with the government regulations on State-Owned Enterprise.

A thorough analysis and recommendation is given to provide the best alternative solutions in accommodating future business growth.   Using multiple methodologies to analyze all business units and develop strategy for synergy.

Succession Planning from 2nd to 3rd Generation and Corporate Strategic Planning

Succession Planning from 2nd to 3rd Generation and Corporate Strategic Planning

Agro Business and Chemical

The business is now run by 2 second generations and 4 third generations.  There are no clear job descriptions and roles, almost all strategic decisions are taken through consensus.  In the next 5 years about 6 3rd generations will be joining the business.  Without a clear direction on business growth, the potential for conflict is high.  Grooming of the third generations is needed as well as transforming the group towards professionalism.

Multi Families and generations have increased the project complexity.  There’s no clear direction on where the company will go and there’s no real leadership in the company since every decision is made through consensus.

We try to dissect the real issues in the family.  Trust, share transfer and equitability are the main issues for the family.  After an individual approach to the family, in an open meeting we guide the discussion to reach an agreement but not through a consensus.  The family is forced to have an open discussion and to be able to voice their concern in the meeting.

Alignment of business expansion from 1st generation and 2nd generation

Alignment of business expansion from 1st generation and 2nd generation

OEM Manufacturing

1st generation is eager to grow the business through acquisition; however the 2nd generation is more risk averse and prefers to focus on concentric growth.

Finding the best way to grow the business for the best of the family.

Fostering open communication and using data in selecting the business.  Giving opportunity for the second generations to grow in their own way.  Finding the risk appetite for the family and creating a strategic planning for the family and business.

In-House Training

The dynamics of the business world and the shifting of basic workplace principlesworking, learning, and teachingwill continue to challenge a company’s management ability. We must often consider how work is organized, how leadership is practiced, how training is linked to performance and how corporate culture is defined.

At JCG, we recognize the need to provide key and sustainable answers to these questions. We therefore always offer superior and applicable management training and development programs, utilizing the most current management concepts and approaches.

We customize our program to assist our Clients in sharpening the knowledge base, skills and attitude of their company’s assets, and more importantly, in enhancing total enterprise performance. We adopt the ‘adult training system’ to establish a direct interaction with trainees by employing case study discussions, group presentations, role-playing, and business games.

The program touches all MANAGEMENT aspects, including:

  • Organizational Development and Change
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Operations and Quality
  • Corporate Culture
  • Leadership
  • Business Planning
  • Family Business





THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP ‘L&D’ Program strives to assist our clients in expanding knowledge, skill and attitude of their organization’s members. The program is design so each discussion item fit perfectly to the purpose, needs and wants of each client.

Based on our corporate culture and values, WE ARE PARTNERS, each and everyone of JCG members is committed in providing high quality value added services to our clients. Our actions is aligned with Our goal is to assist our clients to achieve theirs.

The main objective of ‘L&D’-JCG program is to give significant contribution to the clients in increasing their whole enterprise performance optimally. This can only be achieved by continuously developing the knowledge and skill, each playing as a positive role model, giving encouragement toward professionalism to each organization’s member who is an intellectual asset and a company’s business partner.

Using the ‘adult training system’, ‘L&D’ – JCG Program has a special characteristic where the instructors are not merely acting as lecturers, but also facilitators. JCG’s facilitors lecture as well as involve trainees interactively in case study discussions, group presentations, role-play, and business games.

‘L&D’ – JCG Program covers wide areas in management, including Organizational Development and Change Management, General Management, Sales and Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Operation Management, Managing Holding & Group of Companies, Professional Image Development, and many others topics in accordance with the demand and the needs of the clients. The discussion of each topic will include exploring both the concept and its application in the real business world.

The JCG’s teams of facilitators consist of JCG’s Senior Consultants and associate facilitators who are highly recognized in their field with professions as academicians and business professionals.

List of JCG In-House Training

  • Holding
  • Family Business
  • Corporate Culture
  • Strategic Turn Around
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning & Monitoring
  • Business Ethics & CGC
  • Leadership
  • HR
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Cross Culture


Organization Development & Behavior and Corporate Culture

  • Managing Plan Change
  • Corporate Culture
  • Organization Behavior
  • Business Ethics
  • Good Corporate Governance
  • Knowledge Management for Learning Organization


General Management Leadership

  • Q-Strategy Leadership
  • Crisis Management
  • Becoming Excellent Manager
  • Becoming Strategic Thinker
  • Comprehensive Basic Management Training
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Effective Delegation and Task Communication
  • Effective Supervision
  • Leadership in Action


Soft Skill

  • Training for the Trainer
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Power Presentation
  • Strategic Negotiation Business Communication
  • Managing Time Effectively
  • Professional Image
  • Business Report Writing


People Management

  • Integrated Competency Based People Management (ICPM)
  • Coaching and Counseling
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Comprehensive HRM for Non HR Executive
  • Industrial Relation
  • HR Development Strategies
  • Performance and Potential Appraisal: Concept, Methods and Applications
  • Strategic Human Resources Planning
  • Learning for Result
  • Strategic Job Evaluation
  • Managing and Measuring HR Performance


Business and Marketing Management

  • Comprehensive Marketing Program for Executive: Power Marketing
  • Power Branding
  • Power Pricing for Results
  • Power Distribution
  • Developing Winning Marketing Plan and Strategies
  • Marketing Research: Concept, Strategies and Methods
  • Repositioning Strategy
  • Effective Brand Management
  • Emotion Marketing
  • Marketing for Non Marketing Manager
  • Customer Care
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing High Value Product
  • Retail Marketing

Executive Search

Trusted by multi industries for more than 30 years, JCG has explored the market for dynamic, robust, and seasoned executives. Our team is equipped with comprehensive knowledge and skill to find the most well-fit executives who can deliver value and long-term growth.

JCG Executive Search consultants have been canvassing the market for dynamic, skilled and experienced executives. We aim in making a lasting match between our clients and our executives. Our Headhunters are committed to provide high-level standard of service by focusing our search on senior management positions.

Our team with advantages of extensive network, in-depth cultural insight, adherence in high ethical standard and search know-how will strive for uncompromising quality in quick response time and long term cooperation.


1. Strategic Exploratory Meeting

Mutually discussed with our client, we conclude the ideal profile of candidate by probing specific job description and key qualifications required in regard of client’s culture, business and position in market place. After the comprehensive review of ideal candidate’s profile, we determine the best search strategy.

2. Research and Mapping

We have extensive network over various industries and corporate with vast-updated database to support our research. To enhance the effectiveness, we perform mapping on our client’s competitors. Advertisement may be utilized to announce and to give accurate reflection of requirements to attract high caliber professionals.

3. Personal Approach

Besides utilizing our database of candidates and advertisement, we also do the personal approach. We approach the candidates personally; describing the opportunity offered and invites them to meet in interview.

4. Comprehensive Interview

We conduct detailed interview to identify actual candidate’s background, experience, and past performance to analyze the compatibility to ideal candidate’s profile. During these processes, we keep the confidentiality of our client.

5. Reference Check

Careful examination of experience, attitude and past performances are held to ensure validity of data given by candidates. We will perform cross reference check to candidate’s former superior and/or co-worker.

6. Assessment (optional)

We provide comprehensive managerial assessment to explore candidate’s soft-skills, strengths and areas of development. The identifications of candidate’s intellectual potential, work-style and managerial skills will enrich the consideration of possible long-term compatibility between candidate and our client.

7. Short-Listed Candidates Submission

We present detailed Personal Data Form along with Summary and necessary documents of total 4 short-listed candidates divided in two batches for our client’s consideration. Usually 3 – 4 weeks are required after contract signing until short-listed candidates are selected.

8. Client’s Interview & Evaluation

After submission of short-listed candidates, we will actively get in touch with our client to inquire comments and recommendations. On our client’s preference, we will swiftly proceed by scheduling interview for chosen candidates.

9. Negotiation & Placement

After completion of negotiation and candidate’s placement, we will preserve ongoing communication with our client. If selected candidate leaves within 3 months probation period, efforts will be made to search for another suitable candidate at no extra charge for 1 time replacement.


1. Competency

THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP will accept only those assignments that we feel competent to handle.

2. Confidentiality

THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP will regard as confidential all information concerning the business affairs of our Clients and other people with whom we deal in the course of our professional activities.

3. Best of Efforts

THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP will do our utmost to provide our Clients with the best possible candidate in the market with speed and accuracy.

4. Suitability

THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP will recruit executives not only on the basis of professionalism alone but a significant emphasis will be put into consideration on the suitability of the candidate with the Client’s working environment, values, and corporate culture.

5. Exclusive Rights

THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP will not accept an assignment with a Client where another search consultant is working on that assignment.

6. Clarity of Agreements

THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP will agree with the Client at the commencement of the assignment concerning the scope of the assignment, fee structure and invoicing method, as to avoid any misunderstanding.

7. Single Financial Source

THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP will not accept payment from an individual whom we place in employment or other parties. The only financial source for the assignment will be the Client’s company.

8. Assurance

THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP will search for qualified alternative candidates at no extra charge, should the relevant employment be terminated within 3 (three) months probation period.

9. Strategic Partnership

THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP strives for a long term strategic partnership with our Clients so as to achieve maximum beneficial results for both parties in line with The Jakarta Consulting Group’s corporate credo:“WE ARE PARTNERS”.





Multi-industry (oil and gas, shipping and palm oil)

The client is a conglomeration in various industries.  The Client is keen to take the company public. However, it lacks the structure and system.  The owners feel that the company need to hire a CFO who can take  the businesses to the next level

Finance has never been part of the organization structure.  The function is always part of the CEO and the family.  The shift to professional will pose a major change in the organization.

Bringing candidates with strong background in corporate finance who have experience in a large corporation early in their career but then moved to smaller corporation with larger role

Previously a CFO of a sub-holding company in the agriculture sector then moved to a young PE firm.  The candidate has strong background in corporate finance, as well as experience in capital rising.  The family’s acceptance level is high, since the candidate can bring in new network from the financial sectors.

Sales Director

Sales Director

Multinational Electronic Goods

The client gears up to expand the business in Indonesia.  The client feel a local would know the market better than the current expat.

To find a candidate who understand the electronic business and has a good exposure of Indonesia market, as well as international experience.

Short listed candidates from multinational electronics, high-tech and software industry, with experience abroad or overseas education.

The selected candidate came from a multinational software house.  She has overseas education and experience. She also  has a good exposure of distributions system .

GM Brand

GM Brand

FMCG, Indonesia’s largest beverage company

The company has launched a new brand with new segment that has never been touched by the company.  There’s a lack of talents within the company who understand the new target market.

To find the right candidate that can bring the expertise and knowledge of the new market.  The candidate needs to be able to chair a high level project in a short time, and needs to integrate well with the company’s culture.

Short listed candidates from different backgrounds and selected type of FMCG.  After short listed candidates have been interviewed by the board, for the second round of interview we extend our services to coach the candidates on the company culture to ensure a match into the company.

The candidate came from a smaller FMCG company with a niche market, managing a few brands at a same time.  His strong background in project management won the board and his entrepreneurial skill match with the company’s aggressive expansion plan.

Director of Marketing, Operation and Compliance

Director of Marketing, Operation and Compliance

State Owned Enterprise/Indonesia’s top 3 Insurance company

The company undergoes a total restructuring.  The shareholders have decided to replace all directors.  Only the President Director and CFO will be assigned from the holding company.

Due to the sensitivity of the project, all candidates should be approached and interviewed by the shareholders within 2 weeks of the assignment.  Another hurdle is to find candidates from the top 5 insurance company to move to the state owned company

Shortlisted all top 10 insurance directors in Indonesia followed with an aggressive approach to all possible candidates

Selected candidates came from private companies.  One is willing to take a pay cut after a tough negotiation on the benefit scheme.


We have been trusted by Clients to conduct mass recruitment and selection for Management Trainees, Officers, until Middle Manager Level Employees. To achieve good result, we have a special process, divided into 5 steps:

    1. Advertisement Placement
    2. Desk Screening
    3. Psychological Testing
    4. Competency Based Interview
    5. Short Listed Candidates Submission


Our method consists of :

  • Psychological testing, using a corresponding battery of tests which is in line with the purpose of the evaluation to measure intellectual ability, personality and work attitude.
  • Personal interview, aimed to the job description, skills and achievement required as well as suited to Client’s corporate culture.


The psychological report will consist of:

  • The Personal Data Form
  • Psychogram
  • A descriptive report of Psychological Evaluation


Please insert or email your data. JCG has a confidential policies.

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Executive Assessment

The keys to be successful are getting hold of the right people and making the most of their talent and potentials. To do these we need an efficient process that will assess their right qualities, and allow us to put the right people on the right track.

JCG Assessment Center helps your organization to assess the right qualities based on what is most critical to your organization.

JCG Octagon Management Competency Assessment

We have developed JCG Octagon Management Competency Assessment as a robust assessment instrument to measure managerial competency, inclination and personality dynamics designed for managers, directors and senior executives.

JCG Octagon Management Competency Assessment is based on modern management concepts and long practical experiences as well as cultivation of Indonesian culture which eliminates cultural bias.

A well designed and validated instrument that effectively provide solution on:

  1. Identifying high potential talent within Competency-Based Selection
  2. Specifying key areas for Training and Development
  3. Improving Performance Management
  4. Competency based Rewards
  5. Measuring effectiveness prior to Promotion or Placement into a new position
  6. Identifying high fliers and / or potential successors to leaders in your organizations


JCG Octagon

JCG Octagon Management Competency Profile will be most applicable for different environments:

  1. JCG Octagon for Family Business
    It can help the management in preparing successor(s) for the company (succession plan), including the crown prince/princess and professionals to hold the key position(s), which suitable with their abilities and experiences.
  2. JCG Octagon for Government Institutions
    It can also function as ”fit & proper test” and to help the management in implementing Selection and Promotion Program. Moreover JCG Octagon can be used for identifying Training and Development needs for manager as well as non manager level employees.
  3. JCG Octagon for Holding Companies
    It can help management in the holding /group of companies to generate the competency standardization that can be implemented in the whole subsidiary environment/companies. This can also be beneficial in implementing Promotion and Employee Placement Programs among subsidiary companies, which result in fair Reward System Implementation within the whole group.

We apply full battery of assessment methods, which consist of :

  • In Basket Exercise
  • Case Study
  • Presentation
  • Group Discussions
  • Role Play
  • Testing / Inventory
  • Competency Based Interview



Fit and Proper Test for committee member of Upstream and Gas Regulator

Fit and Proper Test for committee member of Upstream and Gas Regulator

Ministry of Minerals and Energy

Selection of committee member for new tenure.

Ensuring confidentiality of the fit and proper test participants. Providing assessor with the technical know-how in oil and gas.

Combining expert in oil and gas with seasoned assessors to ensure credibility and confidentiality of the participants