• In-House Training
    JCG TRAINING SESSIONS are tailored to participants’ needs.  Topics range from organizational development to motivation.  We focus in increasing performance by engaging the participant in active discussions.  Our training provides an avenue for in-depth analysis and problem solving of various management issues.
  • Executive Assessment
    JCG ASSESSMENT CENTER helps your organization assess the right talent and potential people based on what is the most critical to your organization. More than a psychological test, assessment will unearth individual strengths and fitness for a position.
  • Executive Search
    JCG EXECUTIVE SEARCH aims to provide the highest standard in recruitment services. In matching our candidates and clients, we opt for competency and culture fitness. Part of IRC Global Executive Search Partners, we are connected in 6 continents and 70 cities worldwide.
  • Consultation
    THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP aims to be the partner for Indonesian Corporation in undertaking their corporate issues. In the past 30 years, we have been trusted in supporting our clients in dealing with strategic issues, corporate culture, human resources, and as part of their Corporate turnaround partner.

Managing Human Resources


People Management that places the HR not as an object but as a subject have become the new paradigm in managing HR. Basically, this new paradigm introduces a people-based management. Managing people is not only as a human resource, but as a whole human being who holds its importance, uniqueness, expectation and demand. Currently, the HR management requires a holistic approach through a continuous process, and the purpose of companys strategy and hope or expectation the HR holds must be synergic. THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP (JCG) offers the holistic approach using a start-to-finish process of the HR management.


JCG develops and offers the framework for the human resource management which is known as The JCGs Cycle of H-R Management Activities just as shown below.


This framework illustrates a holistic approach and a start-to-finish process of the HR management using eight HR management activities or main initiations with three supporting enablers. It also depicts that the eight activities are derived from a strategic plan where the management actitivites begin with human resource planning as the descendent of the whole strategic corporate planning. The eight management actitives are: human resource planning; recruitment, selection & placement; integration; training & development; performance appraisal & potential assessment, compensation & benefit; retaining; and separation & termination. The three enablers that are shown in this framework are corporate cultures, human resource information system and industrial relations. Certainly, all of these management actitivites must include administration, budgeting, and reliable internal communication.


Business environment that is continuously changing, followed by changes of values and employement demography requires a more sophisticated human resource management and a modernized business practice. Human resource management needs art, knowledge (and skill), and talent. Managing people is generally a process of how to bring out the best in people.

In the new paradigm, managing people is integral and a start-to-finish process that is guided by the corporate strategy. THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP as the PARTNER IN CHANGE has the ability and offers corporate consultation, learning session, and seminar to answer some challenges and find the solutions to the problems in people management the company must face in managing human resources accordingly to the slogan The success of finding solutions and coping with business challenges in managing people will bring out the best in people.


In order to aid career development, he/she also requires the ability to project professional image and self-confidence in various environments and business situations. This ability is gained through learning and on-hand experience that includes personality enhancement, communication in action, business entertainment and dressing for image. The JCG has the expertise in implementing the Professional Image Program to companies that wish to improve their companys image through their representing employees. Personal representation that is professional and follows business ethics will radiate the image of the individual as well as the image and the reputation of the represented institution.