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Power Marketing


In the era where working environment is progressively changing, consequently marketing tricks based on portrays of a momentary working environment are no longer relevant. Marketing concepts offered by the JCG is conceptual and holistic, but the framework is practical and easy to use. This conceptual and holistic framework can be used directly by every marketer in any condition and in problems from the early phase, middle or last phase of the process.


Dynamic changes in working environment cause the marketing paradigm to change from fragmental practices to holistic concepts. In such progressive changes, planning marketing strategy based on momentary situation is irrelevant. The transformation of the marketing paradigm started from a driven market to a driving market paradigm, then from a driving market to a customer-centered paradigm. The transformation also occured at the marketing orientation: from a reactive to a proactive orientation, and from a proactive to a visionaire orientation. Several factors that stimulated changes mandate us to develop a model of an adaptive and a visionaire marketing that can hold up against any working environmental changes.


A customer-centered Power Marketing is an agreement that the consumers are treated as subject. The consumers are not allowed to be treated as a source of income but as a providing partner. They are no longer treated as disciples but as mentors.


To perceive changes and paradigms that are anchored in a customer based concept, the JCG has invented a model called Customer Centered Marketing Model (CCM Model) that has become the main core of the Power Marketing framework. This concept is primarily civilizing customers. The customers are approached more personally, customized and continuously.

As a result, the CCM Model perspective holds a key point: Moving, Caring and Innovating. In order to ensure the marketing withholds a long-term business, the philosophy of 3-P is used (Perspective & Purpose, Pride, Persistence) as the CCM Model core concept. Moreover, there are 17 eminent values known as 9-3-5 matrix, selected and implanted as a part of the model and become a manual for strategic marketing development. These values consist of 9 strategic values (Stakeholder, Service, Strategy, Segmentation, Solution, Strike, Surprise, System and Shake), 3 values of development (Newness, Nourishment, and Networking), and 5 conveying values (Competence, Customer, Competition, Convenience, and Car).


Derived from the philosophy, the perception and values of the above CCM Model, a marketing strategy that is based on the STPI program (segmentation-targeting-positioning and image creation) is created so a marketing mix is organized precisely. Apriory segmentation is not enough to determine the target market. The post-hoc segmentation based on research must be used to ensure the precise target. Creating image is required first before launching the marketing mix which consists of 7P (Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Public Relation, People and Power).

Because branding is the key component of marketing and customers are highly influenced by its perception, brand management is therefore vital in a turbulent working situation.


Marketing implementation through the Kerangka Kerja Power Marketing (Power Marketing Framework) allows building a consumers group that possesses a heart-share character, not only a mind-share character.

Dynamic changes in the environment and the competition are the stimulants toward the whole Kerangka Kerja JCG Power Marketing (Power Marketing Framework). This Kerangka Kerja allows the process of the continuous development to be consistent with the customer-centered marketing principle in order to win the competition.