• In-House Training
    JCG TRAINING SESSIONS are tailored to participants’ needs.  Topics range from organizational development to motivation.  We focus in increasing performance by engaging the participant in active discussions.  Our training provides an avenue for in-depth analysis and problem solving of various management issues.
  • Executive Assessment
    JCG ASSESSMENT CENTER helps your organization assess the right talent and potential people based on what is the most critical to your organization. More than a psychological test, assessment will unearth individual strengths and fitness for a position.
  • Executive Search
    JCG EXECUTIVE SEARCH aims to provide the highest standard in recruitment services. In matching our candidates and clients, we opt for competency and culture fitness. Part of IRC Global Executive Search Partners, we are connected in 6 continents and 70 cities worldwide.
  • Consultation
    THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP aims to be the partner for Indonesian Corporation in undertaking their corporate issues. In the past 30 years, we have been trusted in supporting our clients in dealing with strategic issues, corporate culture, human resources, and as part of their Corporate turnaround partner.

Toward Business Operation Excellence


Business competition onward will become progressively strict and harsh. Customers are more critical and demanding product and service with precise quality, timing and price. With the era of transparency and liberalization, a company can remain existent if it has the ability to answer business challenges and customers demands.

THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP suggests that a consistent, integrated, coordinated and continuous implementation of Manajemen Mutu Terpadu (MMT) in every aspect and operational activity of the organization will greatly assist the company in facing business challenges and achiving corporate goals. In the MMT, every activity that begins with the awareness, the implementation to the achievement must always be monitored and measured. In order to assess quality fitness, the JCG has developed the Business Operation Excellence, a type of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award but with an influence of strong Asian culture. Accordingly to its purpose, the BOE is a tool to manage business and improve performance.


The JCG Business Operation Excellence (BOE) is a complete and elaborated system of assessing the level of success in implementing the MMT in every aspect of companys management. The BOE is designed to be applicable to all aspects of management, starting from the aspect of business promoter, the aspect of organizational system as a whole, to the aspect of companys target which is the creation of value. In the philosophy of the MMT, the entire aspects of management are treated as one connected series and must undergo continuous improvement. As a reference, the JCG has designed the Business Operation Excellence Framework as shown in this diagram.


There are nine categories for the achievement level indicator along with the maximum score in each category so that the BOE is usable as the soul, spirit, and outline to every company in implementing the MMT. The BOE can also be used to assess the level of success in executing the MMT periodically.

The BOE has been improved by THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP specifically for Asian corporates that have solid corporate cultures and values. These cultures and values are considered to be one of the important factors that affect companys performance. A company that is participating in the BOE program and has achieved certain score will be awarded a special certification as an evidence that the company has well-executed the MMT.

The table below illustrates each category and its total highest achievable scores. Due to different business dynamics and corporate needs, the maximum score for each category is adjustable.

Assessment Categories with Maximum Scores


Assessment is conducted by the Assessment Team from THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP using the standardized Assessment Guidance, hence it remains consistent. The assessment is conducted at least twice per year.


Quality improvement is aimed to prepare the companies before entering a harsher competitive free market environment. The BOE is a comprehensive management tool, thus the problems in each aspect of corporate operation can be detected early and taken care of quickly. With the BOE, the companies can take the necessary steps for improvements to become a world class corporate.

The JCG believes that everything that can be accomplished is measurable. It can be improved by assessing working performance. This is the soul of the Continuous Quality Improvement, which is crucial for a healthy, growing, expanding and competitive company in the global market.