• In-House Training
    JCG TRAINING SESSIONS are tailored to participants’ needs.  Topics range from organizational development to motivation.  We focus in increasing performance by engaging the participant in active discussions.  Our training provides an avenue for in-depth analysis and problem solving of various management issues.
  • Executive Assessment
    JCG ASSESSMENT CENTER helps your organization assess the right talent and potential people based on what is the most critical to your organization. More than a psychological test, assessment will unearth individual strengths and fitness for a position.
  • Executive Search
    JCG EXECUTIVE SEARCH aims to provide the highest standard in recruitment services. In matching our candidates and clients, we opt for competency and culture fitness. Part of IRC Global Executive Search Partners, we are connected in 6 continents and 70 cities worldwide.
  • Consultation
    THE JAKARTA CONSULTING GROUP aims to be the partner for Indonesian Corporation in undertaking their corporate issues. In the past 30 years, we have been trusted in supporting our clients in dealing with strategic issues, corporate culture, human resources, and as part of their Corporate turnaround partner.

Financial Management for Non Finance


  1. Accounting Principle
      • Introduction : Income Statement
      • Introduction : Balanced Sheet
      • Introduction : Cash Flow Statement
      • Financial Statement Analysis

  2. Capital Budgeting
    • Investment Policy
    • Dividend Policy
    • Budgeting
  3. Capital Structure
    • Raising Fund
    • Merger and Acquisition
    • Valuation
  4. Workshop : Corporate Valuation, Implementation of Financial Statement Analysis And Dividend Decision.


Setelah mengikuti pelatihan ini, para manajer perusahaan terutama yang tidak memiliki latar belakang pemahaman keuangan akan memiliki kesempatan untuk mengerti tentang aspek-aspek keuangan perusahaan sehingga dapat berperan aktif memaksimalkan kesuksesan perusahaan dalam bentuk:

  • Pemahaman dasar penyusunan laporan keuangan
  • Penggunaan alat analisis laporan keuangan
  • Pemahaman tentang sumber-sumber pendanaan perusahaan
  • Pemahaman tentang penginvestasian dana perusahaan dan pembagian dividen



Dukungan para manajer dalam pengelolaan sumber daya keuangan akan mendukung kelancaran operasional perusahaan. Pengelolaan sumber daya keuangan dalam perusahaan yang seimbang antara pemerolehan dan pemanfaatan akan mengoptimalkan kesuksesan perusahaan. JCG berperan sebagai mitra untuk pencapaian kesuksesan perusahaan.